Many views, Many opinions

My first Post:

Events in Canada lately have caused a stir within my soul. The killing of our soldiers in Quebec and Ottawa, the subsequent lock  down and security protocols of our prideful public buildings and military bases.

What really bothers most of us, is the idea that Canada has now become more like the USA. I don’t mean that we in Canada have really been that different as human beings, but that our beliefs and policies when it comes to morality and personal responsibility has for at least us, as Canadians, seemed more conservative.

We as Canadians, or at least from my perspective, have grown up believing that we didn’t need guns to be secure within our country. I remember many discussions with my Father about the comparison between US citizens and Canadian citizens. He  believed that our military were the ones that should only carry weapons, to protect our values as Canadians. And that they should wear their uniforms with pride. My Father was a passifist, my Father was a retired military cook of 25 yrs, that served in the Korean war. His attitude, personality and strength helped to form my strong beliefs that we as Canadians should not have to store weapons in our homes or worry about walking down our streets, in fear of radicals with weapons.

I was raised and educated to avoid fear, and reach out in the world. Cherishing and learning from different cultures and beliefs, I think that my mind has developed openly and with non-judgement, whenever possible. I truly want to believe in the innate goodness in humanity.

Today I sit honestly,  a bit scared of the future. Unrealistically, I have felt sheltered from the rest of the world. Even after I saw the live 911 attacks on television, and understood that as neighbors of the USA, we in Canada were vulnerable, I believed in my country’s ability to protect me. Today I am not secure in that belief. There are cruel and treacherous factions in the world, that have progressively been breaking down the boundaries of our societies. Our children are the most vulnerable. Those youth that question authority, rightly so, to enable them to grow and change the world for the better, for future generations. Those youth can be manipulated and  brainwashed into believing that violence is the way to change society.

The very fact that it is possible to take an intelligent individual and wash away all his/her education about what is good, fair and just, is an abomination of human intellect. I believe in education for the good of society, I believe in being spiritual without conforming to religious practises. I believe in being a good person, with the rights and securities that protect my beliefs, homeland and those of my fellow human beings around the world. I do not believe those who destroy fundamental lives and rights of others deserve to be in this world. The question is, how far do we go? And what are the boundaries of our revolt, of this increasing threat to our way of life, and our human dignity?

I am not prepared to answer that question today. I am evolving my beliefs toward our military, as  I write, as I hopefully think it through clearly…how violent are Canadians willing to become, just as our so called peace keeping troops attack the attackers? Have we already gone too far in the other direction to come back to a peaceful society? Will there ever be a safe place again for our children and their children?

*Please understand the views or opinions expressed are mine alone. Please respect them, and do not judge me. Thank you ALA.


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