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A beautiful poem to remind us that remembering is necessary, but it is also important to let go of the past. Thanks Kate.

Eloquently Kate

nostalgia 2 500

I found this poem tucked at the bottom of an old box, lost in the back of our closet.  I wrote it a long time ago and thought you might enjoy it.


It’s looking at old photographs;
Rummaging through scrapbooks.
It’s discovering hidden treasures
Stored in forgotten boxes.
It’s walking through familiar halls;
Visitations to haunted places.
It’s reading letters aged with time;
Meeting faces from afar.
It’s a memory…

At times it’s peaceful
At times it’s turbulent
At times, even educational.
It may be happy, or it may be sad,
But is it a necessity?

A momentary reflection
Will not hurt, but then let it go.
The present and the future
Is where our energy’s to be directed.
We cannot live for nostalgia alone –
What will it bring?
… only a memory …

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Your Friday Orders: Originate – Not Imitate.

Thank you for this post. I have been struggling with my need to be my true self in my writing, and this pushes me to listen to ME.

bruce lee

The following quote passed by me on my Facebook feed the other day and made me stop and think.

 “…we have more faith in what we imitate than in what we originate. We cannot derive a sense of absolute certitude from anything which has its roots in us. The most poignant sense of insecurity comes from standing alone and we are not alone when we imitate. It is thus with most of us; we are what other people say we are. We know ourselves chiefly by hearsay.”

Bruce Lee

Our value is IN us – Not in others’ opinion OF us

We are social animals. We want and need the input and acceptance of others. We are hard-wired as humans to follow the crowd – to go along to get along. We look to others for our cues for behavior. Social proof and consensus are powerful psychological forces that direct…

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Five Fascinating Facts about John Steinbeck

Interesting Literature

1. An early draft of John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men was eaten by his dog. It was Max, one of several dogs Steinbeck owned during his life, who devoured the novel’s draft and so became, in effect, the book’s first critic. This is probably Steinbeck’s most famous novel, and draws on his own experiences as a ‘bindlestiff’ (or migratory worker) in the US in the 1920s. The novel’s title famously comes from the Robert Burns poem ‘To a Mouse’: ‘The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley’ (or ‘go often awry’). The original title of the novella was ‘Something That Happened’.

2. In the 1980s, a rumour arose that Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes of Wrath had been translated into Japanese as ‘The Angry Raisins’. This rumour was, however, false. It is a good example of how people love a good ‘lost in translation’ story, and it…

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Limiting Facebook interactions; My thoughts why…

“Freedom to express one’s opinions; evolved from life experiences, embedded within us, and continually evolving, with constant learning and experiences, is a treasure to be shared and appreciated. “ ALA/15
“This is what we should be able to do, each of us, express our views and be supported for the people we are, whether temporarily fixed in an opinion or trying to understand others opinions, we have the right to express ourselves peacefully without judgement….listen, read and accept that we may disagree on our viewpoints and feel free to carry on with our evolving views.
There is no need for anomosity or offense, if it is understood that we all are entitled to opinions and the right to express them. People don’t need to cause drama if they hear something that triggers a reaction within them.
Be responsible for you own feelings and reactions, and have some restraint in your attack on others rights. Choose to be open-minded and limit the drama in your life. It is much healthier in the long run. We can control our reactions, and understand that people do not have to be what you want or expect them to be. We are all complicated and unique individuals with many facets to share with the world.
I choose to express my views, quite openly, as I have overcome abusive relationships, and worked over many decades, and learned that by being submissive and bottling up my inner feelings or self awaremess I was harming myself.
I am more than what others view me to be, from family, friendships, casual social aquaintences, to co-worker relationships. When in public I can be quite subdued and limit my opinions, only because that is what is expected and I try to avoid the drama that can come from other peoples reactions.
I am a complex personality that enjoys delving deeply into matters of interest and/or concern to me. I feel freedom when I express myself, and do my utmost not to offend or judge the views of others. I do not ask or expect any response from others from the sharing of my opinions. I only wish to be respected and have a chance to speak or write without being told to be quiet or calm down.
It is those other people’s choice to listen and/or read my words, or not.
I appreciate sharing my interests, ideas and personal writings in a forum of supportive individuals or groups, therefore, I will continue to socially share information of interest to me, my writing and those of others on other sites.” ALA/15
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Days and Dreams go on

Days and Dreams go on

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Here I sit, alone, not lonely, feeling poorly, but not poor. I am rich in love, in feeling taken care of, and confident in my ability to feel like me. My own thoughts, illuminate my desire to be deep in thought. I dream of writing my views down, sharing my views in written form. I have difficulty sharing verbally, but with my writings I can express how I truly feel, flowing from me like water from a tap. If only I could discipline myself to work harder, commit to produce the work needed to feel truly at peace.

Always another day, another dream set aside for another time, when I feel better, more able to concentrate. My thoughts are random and spuratic. Never staying for long, leaving me too quickly.

Boy on the bus


I saw this boy on the bus
He was tired asleep and alone and I must,
Remember I can be wrong but my assumptions made presumptions
They made a story bout the boy that sat before me,
I saw this boy on the bus

I saw this boy on the bus,
Late after school it’s like there’s all of this fuss that we all feel we must find this cool flawless us, like a social test where we try our best to please the rest and yet,
I saw this boy on the bus

I saw this boy on the bus,
Searching for acceptance in other people’s perception, neglecting himself cause what has all this left him all this and I hadn’t even met him,
This lonely boy on the bus
Awoken by a friend at his stop, maybe I was wrong and
saw a young me in this boy…

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