Why Men Die First: Youtube link;

Maybe I am just not in a haha mood today, but here is my long winded opinion:

Interpretations like this of women’s reactions and attitudes, exist because men have been in contact or disrepected by women that don’t know how to be equal friends, co-workers or partners, Women that disrepect or take out their insecurities on men don’t know how to share and love a man for who he is, instead of who they wish him to be, to fill their needs. Women and Men need to take care of themselves first; emotionally, and become secure within themselves. Otherwise they will never be able to have good relationships in any area of their lives. Respect goes both ways and both sexes need to understand the history of why women feel frustrated and on the defensive, often for the wrong reasons. But truly as I saw in my Sociology studies, and research on gender equality and changing male roles, men have had to change their roles in society so much over the past 50-60 yrs that it is very hard for them to know what to do in work or relationships, and even within how they view themselves. Men raised by men that were raised to be unequal partners will make the problems worse. It is about choice and wanting to make it better. You can whine and complain or work to communicate and respect eachother, building a better world for both sexes. I absolutely believe and know that women have struggles too about gender roles and equality. Nothing gets better if women especially just complain about what men try to do to understand women. Just understand men are trying. Be respectful with communication as that has to be first for both sexes to find peace and joy together.


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