Quote- Sylvia Plath

Randoms by a Random


      The sight of this quote makes me want to scream “Preach Sister”. That’s the beauty of writing, with every experience, there is a good that can come out of it, if we choose to see it. How many musicians do we know that have won grammys all thanks to songs inspired through heartbreaks? Lots of them. The best stories are often those spurred by tragic emotions. And the best poems are often those which we connect to on an emotional level.
        It hurts… being broken hurts. And that’s why we need quotes like that of Silvias’ to remind us that “its okay to be broken”, who knows, maybe that would be the muse behind a behind a best selling novel. I am a believer, and i believe that for as long as we can write and we can read, then we sure are undefeated. I can’t end…

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