Eager for early signs of spring?

Eloquently Kate

tulips 3Are you one of those people who run out and buy a huge bouquet of tulips in January? I confess I am. I may forget the milk or butter, but those blooms come home with me.

Despite the joy that Christmas brings to November and December, I’m usually done with the rain, the clouds and the snow by mid-January. I get antsy, constantly searching for any hint of spring. I fill my vases with bright coloured daisies, tulips and irises. I check the garden for the first daffodil stems to pop up from beneath the soil. I get excited the first day that I …

• shed my heavy winter coat for a lighter jacket during the day,
• eat dinner at dusk and not at night,
• discover the crocuses and snowbells are in bloom,
• breathe in the fresh sweet aroma of spring air,
• sit outside on…

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